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New Eden - Aloe Polymannose MultiNutrient Complex

The foundation for proper health begins at the table.  New Eden is a mixture of micronutrients that need to be returned to our modern diets. They are vital and were once found in the family garden and orchard in a more agrarian society. 


Molecular structure determines the function of bioactive compounds and this requires a supply of specific nutrients to be present in the diet to properly make such substances.  Normal functions include host defense, repair, recovery, structural restitution and homeostasis, i.e. balance and regulation between all cells that support health and improve quality of life.

Why New Eden?

New Eden's aloe polymannose multi-nutrient complex is a supplement that combines 6 complete products into one easy to use powder.

  •  Increases Immune support
  •  Supports Digestive function
  •  Supports Healthy Cell function
  •  Enhances Cognitive function & Memory
  •  Is Heart Healthy
  •  Supports Hormone system
  •  Supports Joint health
  •  Weight Loss Friendly

New Eden's blend of multiple nutrients synergistically work together.  So you don't have to shop around trying to put together the right combination of products.  Not only will you receive a good foundation of nutrition, it's good for the whole family!  

Ages: 0 - 100+  It's just food.  Bon Appetite 

How to Use:

  1. Label Instructions: Mix 1 teaspoon (scoop included) in water (4-8 oz) drink with meals, or as directed by your health care professional.
  2. Weight Challenged: take 30 minutes before having a meal.
  3. New Eden can be stirred into water, organic juice of your choice, soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk. 
  4. New Eden can be added to applesauce, soups, yogurts, smoothies, protein shakes, etc.
  5. Can be added to hot or cold foods

Who Benefits:

  • Health challenged individuals
  • Children, Adults, Seniors
  • Athletes
  • Anyone who wants to add the vital nutrients that are missing from our modern diets and reap the rewards.

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